Have you seen the cartoon movie “The Lion King”? If so, you have watched the carrion-eating villains? Those villains are what we called hyenas. Some people have a negative impression of these animals after watching The Lion King. But, it cannot be denied that they can gain anyone’s respect after knowing the following top ten hyena facts.

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  1. Hyenas are Difficult to Tame

According to the researchers, Egyptians used to domesticate striped hyenas for food consumption purposes. During the past years, hyenas are being tamed and hunted. But even though hyenas are tamable, this won’t last long.

  1. Being a Male Spotted Hyena is Hard

Male hyena is considered to be sexually mature when they are two years old. When they are sexually matured, they will leave their parents and native habitat to look for a new companion or group. For males, this a vicious and violent process. When female hyenas accepted a male into their group, his torture will start. There is a possibility that he will be harassed by these female hyenas and will be forced to refrain from eating and even sexual intercourse.

  1. They Have Creepy Greeting Ceremonies

Hyenas greet each other by doing a creepy ceremony. For example, a male hyena that meets his female friend after being separated after a long time is engaged in a greeting ceremony where they will perform erections.

  1. Baby Hyenas have a Hard Life

The pseudo-penis of the female hyenas are being used for copulation, urination, and even birth. That’s why the birthing process is hard for both the baby and the parent. According to the studies, more than 60% of the overall hyena cubs per year are dying because of birth suffocation.

  1. Female Hyenas Have Penis

An interesting fact about female hyenas is that they have an elongated clitoris, which looks like a pseudo-penis.

  1. Female Hyenas Rule

Compared to male hyenas, female hyenas are more aggressive and muscular. This is because their body is composed of 3x more testosterone compounds than the males.

  1. They can Kill Baby Lions

There are two reasons behind the fights between lions and hyenas. The first one is that they are hunting the same food and the second one is that they are fighting for each other’s territories. This competition becomes more aggressive as days go by, leading to the killings of their enemy’s offspring.

  1. Their Laughs Show Social Status

Hyenas laugh rarely, and when they laugh, it is not because they are happy. According to experts, the tone and pitch of their laughs indicate their social status and age.

  1. A Lot of People Hate Hyenas

Considering the creepy laughs and characteristics of hyenas, a lot of people hate hyenas.

  1. Hyenas are Smarter than Chimps

The researchers at Duke University concluded that hyenas are smarter than chimpanzees. They conducted an experiment and showed that hyenas have a good social cooperation and problem solving skills. Interestingly, hyenas use only non-verbal signaling to solve the obstacles quickly.

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