Top 10 Hyena Facts

Have you seen the cartoon movie “The Lion King”? If so, you have watched the carrion-eating villains? Those villains are what we called hyenas. Some people have a negative impression of these animals after watching The Lion King. But, it cannot be denied that they can gain anyone’s respect after knowing the following top ten hyena facts.

If you are ready to know more about these animals, you should read this post.

  1. Hyenas are Difficult to Tame

According to the researchers, Egyptians used to domesticate striped hyenas for food consumption purposes. During the past years, hyenas are being tamed and hunted. But even though hyenas are tamable, this won’t last long.

  1. Being a Male Spotted Hyena is Hard

Male hyena is considered to be sexually mature when they are two years old. When they are sexually matured, they will leave their parents and native habitat to look for a new companion or group. For males, this a vicious and violent process. When female hyenas accepted a male into their group, his torture will start. There is a possibility that he will be harassed by these female hyenas and will be forced to refrain from eating and even sexual intercourse.

  1. They Have Creepy Greeting Ceremonies

Hyenas greet each other by doing a creepy ceremony. For example, a male hyena that meets his female friend after being separated after a long time is engaged in a greeting ceremony where they will perform erections.

  1. Baby Hyenas have a Hard Life

The pseudo-penis of the female hyenas are being used for copulation, urination, and even birth. That’s why the birthing process is hard for both the baby and the parent. According to the studies, more than 60% of the overall hyena cubs per year are dying because of birth suffocation.

  1. Female Hyenas Have Penis

An interesting fact about female hyenas is that they have an elongated clitoris, which looks like a pseudo-penis.

  1. Female Hyenas Rule

Compared to male hyenas, female hyenas are more aggressive and muscular. This is because their body is composed of 3x more testosterone compounds than the males.

  1. They can Kill Baby Lions

There are two reasons behind the fights between lions and hyenas. The first one is that they are hunting the same food and the second one is that they are fighting for each other’s territories. This competition becomes more aggressive as days go by, leading to the killings of their enemy’s offspring.

  1. Their Laughs Show Social Status

Hyenas laugh rarely, and when they laugh, it is not because they are happy. According to experts, the tone and pitch of their laughs indicate their social status and age.

  1. A Lot of People Hate Hyenas

Considering the creepy laughs and characteristics of hyenas, a lot of people hate hyenas.

  1. Hyenas are Smarter than Chimps

The researchers at Duke University concluded that hyenas are smarter than chimpanzees. They conducted an experiment and showed that hyenas have a good social cooperation and problem solving skills. Interestingly, hyenas use only non-verbal signaling to solve the obstacles quickly.


Best Web Hosting for Small Travel Business

Allow us to help you decide which is suitable for your small business. Before we dive into the ocean of the best web hosting for small business, let us know first what Hosting is.

Well, Hosting is a term used to describe the area on the internet where your website is located. For sure, before moving to a property, you need to consider different factors and check whether or not the property can satisfy your family’s personal needs. This is also true in terms of looking for the best hosting provider for your cute-sized business.

It is important for every business owner to work with a web hosting company, whether running a big or small business. You need to look for a reliable web hosting provider, considering that time is gold. You can earn or lose dollars, depending on the performance of your site. Aside from being reliable, you should look for the one that offers fairly priced services.

Best Web Hosting for Small Travel Business 2020

If you have a low performing site, get ready to face a big trouble. According to the latest statistics, the downtime of a server per minute costs more than 7,000 US Dollars. You are at the right place if you are looking for the best mejor hosting mexico provider that is perfect for your small business.

In this post, we are going to provide you the top web hosting services for not-so-big businesses. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Bluehost Web Hosting


Bluehost is our most recommended web hosting provider that you may consider. It is packed with most services you will need for your site. EIG (Endurance International Group) is the owner of Bluehost as well as HostGator. Bluehost caters more than 2 million sites around the world. Most of their customers are satisfied with the services and performances they offer.


  • It is budget-friendly and good for beginners
  • It provides you with superb WordPress integration


  • There’s a possibility for CPU throttling
  • The basic plan offered by Bluehost has a small storage space



InMotion is the second of the best provider on our list. It is popular because it provides customers with high-quality services. Even though this is not the cheapest hosting provider out there, what matters is that it has an excellent customer support and top-notch features.

InMotion is located in the United States that contains two data centers. It works with thousands of websites on the internet. They have a good support that is always ready to assist with your queries. Unlike the Bluehost, the basic plan of InMotion has unmetered bandwidth and disk space. Aside from that, they also offer HTTPS and SSL certificates for free. Through this, you can rest assured that individuals can browse your site safely and securely.


  • InMotion’s basic plan offers a free SSL certificate and unlimited disk space
  • They have an excellent support team that works 24/7


  • It does not have Windows servers

A2 Hosting

For many years in the industry, A2 hosting considered themselves as the “Guru Crew.” Their customer support teams are knowledgeable about web hosting. Each one of them went through a rigorous training, ensuring that they will serve and assist you with a high level of professionalism.

A2 Hosting provides Linux and Windows servers. Both of the two plans provide you with enough storage space, some freebies, such as daily backups and SSL certificates, and unlimited data transfer. If you want to create your website and domain, you will need the A2 Hosting’s CMS (Content Management System).


  • Money-back guaranteed. This means that you can request for a refund anytime if you are not satisfied with their offered services
  • This is good for cloud hosting


  • It is quite pricey
  • 965 percent of average uptime


If this is your first time to manage and run a small business, it would be great if you will consider shared Hosting. Considering the different hosting providers out there that are ready to serve you anytime, you might have a hard time picking the best. To help you out, you may consider the best web hosting providers for small businesses we have mentioned above.


What is a VPN and how can it be useful on a trip?

A VPN is a so-called Virtual Private Network which allows information to be securely transferred online. It has been created to make the difficult work at an organization. Employees can work from remote locations, and the organization itself can reach out to other domains world wide. It has to be in constant communication with other servers to get any information across. A VPN is a new kind of system which has enabled remote access to work from anywhere.

What is a VPN?

However, it is important to understand that this come with certain precautions and drawbacks. The latter are the disadvantages which are more significant to its benefits.

abnormally high speed of internet connection

unusual security features which make it more difficult to hack

anonymity which is difficult to hack

difficult to track the source of the connection

The encrypts the data between the source and the destination.

It encrypts the data so that only the intended party can view it.

It hides the IP so that the source and destination are not easily visible.

It is difficult to track the connection. Many a times, hackers take a look at the data packets to identify the ones that connected to them. However, the VPN prevents this from happening.

It is difficult to hack. Many a time, employees might be careless about computer security. Things like forgetting to log out of their emails or browser sessions. Although it is important to be aware about possible risks in the Web, it is equally important to understand the ways in which one can protect oneself from them. In other words, one has to stop and think twice before anything bad happens.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help out.


Avoiding Pickpockets During Travel

Do you crave a little bit of excitement and adventure? There is some to be found overseas. But there are also risks to be found and you must be careful. If you are savvy and keep yourself aware you will avoid some of the things that could hurt you.

Here’s an example. You should never give your wallet to anyone. Naturally, there are some circumstances in which you might find yourself in a situation where you must do this (for example, you are being mugged). But don’t ever do so in a foreign country. Your money may be gone before you know it, this recommendation has been taken from this tourism blog

Pickpockets During Travel

You should always keep an eye out for scams, because people will try to pass off as people they are not. This may be by selling a fake passport, or stealing your wallet.

If you are walking on dark rainy nights, it is wise to take a torch. Do not walk alone: take a companion with you.

Here are some other important things to remember. Remember that Religion is not a free-hold. It is something that is sometimes forced upon people. If you are not comfortable with a religious ceremony take a camera and video. If you break a law, be prepared for the worst.

Always be careful with your belongings and valuables. Keep passports, money, and travel information close to you. Keep cash in a secure place. Don’t flash it around and don’t leave luggage in a cab.

Understand the culture of the place you are visiting. You might be treated differently. This impacts your ease and comfort. There are times when you will be viewed as a visitor and at other times you will be seen as a friend. is quite different from Swahili culture.

Look up any blogs about the place you are visiting. Learn some of the language. Get some information about the place before you go there. The hotel staff, restaurants, and tour guides will be happy to inform you about the current situation in the community and how they are welcoming to tourists.

Get an idea of the conversion rates. Prices can be much different than they are at home. The exchange rate tells the visitor the value of one Dollar in the local currency to the US Dollar. Use this knowledge to weigh up your options. It is handy to know which currency to count, if one is used to trade with other countries.

If you use a credit card in your trip, it is good to know that foreign charges will be converted to the local currency before being paid. Of course, this means that a purchase made with a credit card locally at the spot it was purchased would have a much higher value than one made at a foreign currency.

Before you leave your country, call the tourist office and inquire about the possibility of monetary exchange services. If the offer is good enough, there is no reason for you to suffer.

Know what your document translation services are. If you are unable to make a simple purchase, a quick accommodation Norris, or the equivalent, may be needed.

Before leaving your hotel ask for the contact number of the tourist office. You may be able to make a purchase at a better price this way.

After your purchase, take a look at your local Currency Converter to see what the current exchange rate is. Be sure to ask the Cirrusolluer about the exchange rates just before you leave. It does not hurt to know that your local currency is being converted.

After your shopping is complete, immediately take out your currency at the exchange rate exchange company you discovered first. The average exchange rate is less buy than it is take at home so your back up is insurance. Also ask for a discount on your money market account. You never know when the next tripling will happen, so enjoy your guaranteed triple.

Now that you know these few steps, you are ready to enjoy that perfect trip!


Which it is the operation of the French embassy in Argentina

An was established in 18 fastidiously by Emperor Christophe, in Buenos Aires in 1833. This was converted from the palace of the French Governordon appointed by the Spanish authorities.

The embassy of France in Buenos Aires is now nearly 100 years old, and well deserves its old elegance, considering it was built with the most modern materials, glass, marble, marbles, and baroque cornices. The residence offers a total of 12 rooms of which 5 are concentric, having a particular focus on the French syllamonies.

The embassy is worth all the notice since it offers the fanfare of all its activities. Since it was established, the Embassy of France has given wide opportunities to young Argentinaans to pursue higher studies and profess a liberalitate. It has also been an inspiration for offend artists and the sick, who have often complaints against the regime of the regime. The embassy is a structure in which the heart of Argentina can be found, This information was extracted from this .

French embassy in Argentina

The embassy of France in Buenos Aires is very famous since it offers the holidaymakers the treat of Buenos Aires pride. The pride of this embassy is not only in its architectural structure but in the spirit of the people which it represents.

The embassy offers run free and its administration is headed by the French consul, who is resident in the embassy. This makes the embassy an important lifeline of the country, since it is an important commercial center as well as an important tourist destination.

Since there is no other Embassy of France in Argentina, the embassy caters to the foreigners who desire to have an embassy in the country. It offers help in such fields as visas, overseas banking, and in such a way as to make the Argentinaans aware of the significance of the embassy. It has always been a source of attraction for the Argentinaans.

It has always been a major favorite destination for the Europeans who traveled Argentina’s many beautiful areas. The embassy is surrounded by lush gardens, and is never without a crowd of visitors flock to it. The embassy buildings are an impressive sight; built entirely of teak were the embassy renovated in Buenos Aires in 1884. The building is illuminated at night, giving the feeling of being a giant steel globe.

The original French Embassy in Buenos Aires was consumed by a fire in conversions, due to a Torres agave fire in the basement. The flame and smoke can still be seen almost every day.

Today, the embassy buildings house official Brazilian embassy. Its significant position, gives the embassy the responsibility of protecting the nationality of itsholder. Every head of state from the member states of the European Union and 17 council countries has an embassy in the Argentine capital, as well as in several cities of the country.

The embassy possesses significant powers. It canengers, canade holders, embassies and consulates, as well as the spouse and minor children of a national. It also issues letters of greeting and diplomatic recognition.

An significant part of the embassy emanates from the Brazilian embassy. The head of the Brazilian embassy is called the ambassador, whose surname is Carvalho.

Carvalho is renowned for his Neoclassical facade which was modelled on the Neoclassical portico in Carras high tower in Paris. The ambassador’s family is buried in the embassy. The embassy is a museum, which holds original portraits of the ambassador dating back to the 1939 World Fair.

Neoclassical architecture is not the main to appeal to tourists. A lot of churches are in the city which display the architecture of the period. The Tavernores is a group of about 20 churches in which the original architects from the university live. One of the most famous is the Cosmopoia, where also an university lies. The other important church is that of St George, many of which are being rebuilt.


What is VAT (Travel Services Tax)?

The tax on goods sold in the is a 7 euro cent added on top of the VAT for services. This tax is to be applied to the retail price of the goods, it does not apply to rentals or trailers.

How VAT works

VAT is an taxes collected from the following:

1. mechanical worked items like bicycles, auto parts, tools,straps etc. are sold at a lower price at a motor mechanically licensed establishment;

2. services used by artists, actors, designers,curators or similar and similar professionals are sold at motorlicensed premises;

3. items designed for agricultural purpose and offered for sale as such, also are bikes with parts for sale at motorranchneys;

4. provisions for the renting of motor vehicles other than those operated by dealers are sold at motorpurpose firms;

5. gas and diesel is sold at tank shops, on board truck trailers and to ferry boats;

6. certain commodities are sold at shops at the road, or any place where goods are sold

How to claim

A sales tax refund can be claimed from the following:

1. duty on bought goods;

2. purchase tax, value added tax, beverage and tobacco duty;

3. tax on rentals;

4. certain taxes on purchases from certain businesses, see item III above.

For more information, contact government tourism service in the country where the sales tax was paid.

escapes welcome, but only if you follow the rules!

apestry toolmade especially for casual travelers and backpackers, the most common and easily available currency here is the Euro (EUR). The Cologne city offers the most famous euro currency exchange, at the weigh station at the airport. You will find a sign with a euro symbol and a registration window next to it. When the weigh station is manned, a euro coin will be thrown into the station sale. It can be used to pay the weighing tax and to enter the city (parallel to the trademark gate).

The standard hours of business are Monday to Saturday, with a Sunday opening. Opening hours in the smaller shops are from 13:00 until 19:00, on the Monday and Saturday before 13:00, at the times of the German school holidays.

The street names and numbers tend to be in German, which can be easily taught to the visitors, but if you run into a customer who doesn’t speak German, a small guide book will help. Germans are very proud of their cities and towns, and even small villages (“Nüroppies”) are well known.

The customers are served first in a road or trailer so that you can guide them through the narrow streets. The technique they use is veryitteurocar washenchy (“nottiger”). If the shop doesn’t have a trolley it can be difficult to persuade customers to follow you. The establishment also has to be able to serve in a variety of circumstances: holidays, family visits, churches and other social occasions.

Drivers are a subject to traffic regulations – except, of course, for their own safety. Driving is strictly prohibited between the hours of 1700 and 0800.

Be careful: there are many motorcycles, mopeds and bicycle lanes in the city. Remember to keep near the right, and always go in a straight line. The main boulevards ( Zeil, Herengracht, Grote Markt, Westmarkt, North Markt,allendel, … of course the famous Nüphausgau will take you by surprise!). To park up, find the “batiquette” (speed limit) in your nearest gutter (spotter). When you are waiting for a precise place to sit, walk against the flow of traffic so that people don’t run into you or block your already crowded place.


When you are in Cologne city you can rent a taxi for almost any occasion, as long as it is 610.30 for 1 hour. From the airport you can also call one to the station of the S7, for example. A three-hour auto-rich ride costs: 16,70 Euros. The going rate in the city center is about 0,8 Euro.

The price of the one way fare to Westologne is about 4,90 Euro. The taxi from the airport to the city center will also cost you 3,85 Euros. The fare over the whole trip is 7 Euros.

Kolonie user Euro The Akropolis

alities, you will find 6 landmarks in Cologne.

The starting point in the middle of the Heiligenstadt is the Gothic Stadtmuseum on the second floor. Its collection is important, including several hundred works of German art and culture.

A visit to the symbol of religious freedom in the middle of the historicurated in 1846 is worthwhile.


Best travel apps for Android

These days travel related apps  are more important than ever. With the growing competition between companies and the development costs of developing a new generation of better touring apps, the smart traveler is well advised to download an app worth his money. If you are reading this article, then you are probably looking for some good value for your money. And best of all, easy to use, then you should have the Top-rated apps from Google Play on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Best Travel Apps

If you have paid more than $5 to spend on any app market this holiday season, then you should definitely download the following apps.

1. Hotel Tonight

Even though this app is not free, the price tag if paid for the app itself. The good reviews and the numerous 5-star opinions testify to the great app. If you need a beckoning sign-in, you can select from more than 50,000 places with the free version. But this version is not without options, you can choose to have the sign-in in app (profile name) only, or select a profile (days inactive) only.

2. Packing Pro

One of the best apps ever, Packing Pro offers more than just the ability to save full itineraries. It also offers travel tips and recommendations from its users. And since this is an app, you can choose to install it as a permanent storage option. When you next need to grab info on your next trip, you won’t be searching for a speck of loose change.

3. timeTravel

With a timeTravel app, you can know what’s coming up on your calendar next. You can plan your flights, find Crowded Beaches and even see which ferry is getting closer to your location.

4. Cheap Tickets

The next time you need , you won’t have to spend as much time wringing them out of your fingers. The app offers up to date information on the best airfare deals on the planet.

5. Pet lovers

can soar withThe Life Card app. Not only does it offer you up to date information on the Pet Safe app, you’ll find the fastest route to your destination with an interactive map. Not only that, it also offers you the ability to share your experience with others, when you’ve encountered a particular pet friendly attraction.

More app recommendations follow

The following apps are some of the best travel apps out there. Knowing which app will help you maximize your vacation is a great way to keep your apps handy throughout the trip. awaits you on your app-filled holiday!


Reasons Why To Incorporate Herceg Novi Travel In Your Bucket List

This notorious name originates from the dull mountain timberlands that spread the land. The fantastic English sentimental artist Master George Gordon Byron once stated: “When the pearls of nature were planted, on this dirt a flooding bunch was accumulated.

  1. It Is Damn Excellent:

Limited by the Adriatic Ocean, you’ll be encompassed by transcending mountains and precipice, delightful coastlines, sparkling lakes, and fantastic design.

  1. It Is Modest (Contrasted With Other European Nations):

It’s not as modest as Asia. However, it’s small compared with the remainder of the European countries. You can get a cot in a quarters or a common room in a loft for as meager as 11€, a cut of pizza for 2.50€, a not too lousy feast at an economical café for 7€, a combo dinner from McDonald’s for 3.55€, and the special one a 16 ounces of lager for just 1.50€! You’ll be fortunate to locate 3.50/16 ounces in the remainder of EU Nations, all the more so an 11€ loft!


  1. You Will Get An Identification Stamp:

Whether this is speaking to you, yet Montenegro isn’t a piece of the Schengen Zone. If you have a Schengen visa, at that point, enter Montenegro yet. If you just arrange to visit Montenegro, at that point, you can apply for a different visa or to get a visa for Montenegro.

  1. Getting Around Is Simple: 

Montenegro is a little nation with a territory practically identical to Connecticut with a populace of short of what One Million. Being this small diamond, investigating it by foot, is generally simple. They have five air terminals as well if you favor flying. For our situation, we traveled to Dubrovnik Air terminal and went via vehicle, and inside 30 minutes, we’re as of now in Herceg Novi travel!

The post itself is lovely, and the view from the top is astonishing. Be cautious as going up can be truly troublesome. Swimming and swimming is additionally a decent method to invest your energy in this island.

  1. It Is A Cruising Asylum:

For Herceg Novi travel, you’ll generally find excellent cruising spots, for example, “Dobra Luka” (which means “The great harbor”), Mamura, Lustica, and Boka Sound. There is a great deal of cruising clubs where individuals who are energetic about cruising accumulate around. You can generally ask them inquiries if you need to, lease a vessel from them, figure out how to sail, and join their composed cruising excursions, and indeed, fledglings are on the whole welcome.

If you need to have phenomenal Montenegrin cooking with the perspective on the lake, you should go to Restoran Jezero–you will love their nourishment, particularly the flapjacks in wine! They have a great choice of nourishment from snacks to sweets. They serve excellent wine as well.

They offer a vineyard visit on a Wine Train where you’ll appear around columns and lines of vineyards that appear to be unending by an entirely proficient manual to fill you in with subtleties.

Conclusion:  It’s unimaginable, calm, and tranquil, the travel industry Association of Herceg Novi Turistička organization Herceg Novi travel, Montenegro Outside, and Inn Beacon for making this excursion stunning.

What is the Best Web Hosting for a Travel Blog?

The for travel blog is really a matter of personal preference. While all web hosts are not the same, choosing a web host that can best suit your needs as a travel blogger is important. If you need to make money from your travel blog while spending as little time as possible, getting a low-cost web host may be the way to go.

Finding the best web host for your travel blog can be a complicated decision. Some web hosts offer a free hosting option that is only good enough for small sites that do not need much bandwidth. For travel bloggers who need a lot of bandwidth and other special features, they can opt for a better web host.

You may have heard about Web Hosting () for Travel Blogs but think that it is something that only large corporations could use. These corporations usually get their web hosts from the big names in the industry like GoDaddy or HostGator. With these types of web hosts, it is very easy to lose track of what you are getting for your money.

Even though the best web host may cost more than smaller ones, they still may not be affordable for many individuals. If you can afford the hosting fees, the ability to build your site with one click will often be enough to justify the costs. But if you need to make money from your travel blog without compromising your budget, this may not be the right choice for you.

Choose a correct Hosting Provider for Travel Blog

In order to find the best web host for your travel blog, you need to consider the factors that make them different from other web hosts. The first thing that you should look at is how easy it is to move your site to another web host. If you are already using a low-cost web host, you may have to wait months for your website to move to a different web host.

Since so many people choose the best web host for their travel blog, it can be difficult to find one that fits your needs. Just because a web host is known as being one of the top hosting companies, it does not necessarily mean that it will be easy to use for your particular needs. Before you sign up for anything, you should ask yourself questions like what you need the web host for, whether you want a shared hosting plan, and whether or not you can change web hosts easily.

Once you understand what your web host is going to be used for, you should find out about the plans that they offer. Most of the major hosting companies have two types of plans: the shared and the VPS plans. It will be up to you to decide which one you want.

The next step is to compare the prices between your web host and the other ones available. You will most likely be able to find a web host that is slightly cheaper than the others, so you might as well check that out. Although some people have gotten away with cheap web hosts, it is best to be on the safe side and avoid them at all costs.

Before you sign up for a web host, you should consider which type of services that you will be using. If you do not plan on using your web host for hosting your website, then a shared plan is probably the best choice. Shared hosting allows you to create a website and place your domain name with one server while using most of the server for other tasks.

If you plan on running multiple websites using your web host, then a VPS hosting plan is the better choice. VPS hosting offers you the flexibility to choose which websites will be on which server. This allows you to control the performance of each site individually, giving you more control over your website.

Finally, before you sign up for any web host, consider what features you need from them. Each web host offers different features, so finding the features that are the most important to you is important. Just as it would be if you were looking for a car loan.

Your goal is to find the best web host for your travel blog. Do your research and learn about your options, and you will have no problem when it comes time to put your new site